What is keemple ?

Keemple lets you build your smart home the way you want. We try to minimize the controllers in your apartment, so if you wish to start with a smart outlet, that’s all you need to get, no more worrying about countless devices with no use.

Simple to install, simple to control and simple to use, with the Keemple app your smart home will be up and running in no time.

With the user friendly Keemple app all devices are easy to control.
With the keemple scenario wizard, your house will be doing things for you in no time.
One simple remote for all your devices, TV, DVD, Stereo, Cable Box and more, they are all in one place and with the same layout.
When you have "keemple" at home, you gain:


Our best achievement is to be simple. Designing an iPhone app is not simple. Developing a wireless outlet is not simple. Manufacturing a smart gateway is not simple. But hey, we already did all that for you, so all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your smart home with ease. Smart life is in the simple actions.
Everybody knows the filling of walking into a steaming home after a long hot day, of course, you could leave your AC turned on all day long, or even set a timer to get it to start working at a certain hour, but it will still work a lot more than it needed. Thanks to Keemple, now you can turn it on, just before you arrive home and enjoy a nice cool home, without wasting electricity.
Your home should always be the place where you feel safe and secure, but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't feel that way when you're out. Keemple gives you the option to control your home, to stay in touch and always know what is going on in it. We are not a security system, but we are smart enough to make you feel safe.
Who can define what comfort is? For some, it's the ability to turn off the lights without getting out of bed, for others, it's the possibility to record the game on TV when you're already out of the house , and there are some that would say that for them, comfort is when you walk in with the groceries and the lights turns on by itself. Luckily, with Keemple you can do all of these things. Controlling any device from  anywhere in the world (including your bed), setting scenarios to control devices without even lifting a finger, or just to combine several action into one.

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