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  • Create your own intelligent home


Control your home from any location at any time. See how convenient everyday life can be with the Keemple system.  


Get to know the Keemple system and find out how you can take care of your loved one’s safety, even when you are away.


Monitor energy and heating consumption, and save energy and expanses by using the system smart. With the Keemple system it is extremely simple.

Everything under your control

Thanks to Keemple, you control all the devices in your home.

You always know when your doors and windows are open or closed thanks to the sensors installed in them.
See what is happening in your home. Stay in sight and in control, and you can even make a voice call.
Wherever you are you can fully control the lighting in your home. You gain convenience and take control of your electricity expanses.
Thanks to a smart socket, each device can be smart, and you can program the operation of everyday equipment in your home.
Save time, energy and money by setting a specific temperature at a chosen time.
Motion sensor. New devices are coming.
All home remote controls can be replaced with just one application. From now on, the entire command center is at your hand.
Use the controller to connect and communicate all devices in the Keemple system. All you need is Internet access.

Control panel

After installing the Keemple application you can access a simple to use panel which will allow you to easily choose the device or thing you want to control. Personalized scenarios will make your everyday life easier.

A non-invasive and easy to install system

The system is assembled in a non-invasive manner. No drilling, use of adapters or change planning is needed during construction.

A single visit from a technician is enough to install the entire system. Keemple is a module-based system so you can expand it to create the perfect set for your needs.


A peaceful home

With the Keemple system you have everything under control. The application allows you to control your smart home. With a single move you can drop the blinds, turn off the lights or lower the temperature.

The Keemple app will make you feel safer. All you need is a phone or a tablet to know what is going on in your home.

Write a scenario for your home

A good scenario will determine your habits, make your life easier and allow you to save time and money.

Imagine that you are woken up by the gentle Sunlight peeking into your bedroom. After a while, you hear your favorite song. When you enter the bathroom, the lights turn on automatically. This is all possible. The alarm clock will not interrupt your sleep suddenly, you do not have to search for remotes anymore and freshly brewed coffee will be waiting for you in the kitchen. All you have to do is create the right scenario, determine the operating hours of the devices and your day will start perfectly!

Don’t hesitate!

Enter the world of Keemple now!